From Aiken, South Carolina 2015

Being part of the Marriage by Design seminar was scriptural, practical, and convicting. It was scriptural in that its foundation is on the Word of God. It’s practical in that it can be lived out right now. It’s convicting in that it made me realize areas where I didn’t hit the mark and needed to make a change. By having its root in scripture there was clear direction in how change is possible.

My wife and I have been married for 10 years and even though the past 4.5 have been spent serving in full time ministry, sometimes you don’t think about the small areas of neglect. The small things end up painting a big picture. If you take care of the everyday things the future will be established.

One of the statements from this seminar which stood out is that, “marriage is the greatest apologetic which we have.” As a follower of Christ my marriage can and should be a witness to others and can be used to point people to Jesus Christ. I never thought of marriage as an evangelistic tool but coming away from this conference, for the married, it is the greatest evangelistic tool that we possess. If marriage is a picture of Christ and the Church my marriage needs to reflect Christ’s love for the Church. At the root of a misaligned, unhealthy, and unhappy marriage is really my own selfishness. This seminar caused me to take a good look at my own life and see where I have made marriage more about me other than, first and foremost, pleasing God and loving my wife.

At the end of the day the MBD seminar didn’t teach me to simply have a better marriage, it showed us how to have a holy marriage. Having its foundation in the teachings of scripture, with scripture weaved throughout it, MBD is simple discipleship. While the by product is holy marriages, holy marriages are only possible because the individuals in those marriages deny self and put Christ first. Thank God for Marriage by Design!


After going through the Marriage by Design sessions, I felt both a sense of peace & determination to please God more. No, my marriage was in no way awful or what I felt, displeasing to God, but I ultimately realized that my actions were not always what the Bible defines as a Godly marriage. I was reminded to think of my spouse as myself. To submit to him which would ultimately please God.

I always thought of the word “submission” very negatively. I always had in the back of my mind, something that I feel is ingrained in woman by the world, that to submit to your husband, meant not being strong or smart. I know that urge to “reign” over my husband is a result of the fall and I feel deep down, that all woman need to suppress this urge. I realized, It’s very refreshing to me as a wife and mother, to know that by submitting to my husband, I am pleasing not only him, but ultimately & most importantly, God. And by submitting to my helpmate, I am allowing him to be the leader God designed him to be.

It’s refreshing to know that even though, in our home, although I am most of the time the influencer, my husband is the leader & that is a protection to me! As a wife, my wants & desires should be to please my husband, to honor him, pray for him, speak kindly of him, and more. And by doing this, I am honoring and obeying God. A statement that really struck me was ” the greatest picture of winning others to Christ, is our marriage.”

If we desire to see lives come to Christ, why would we not honor God by being Godly men & women & regarding our spouse as ourselves. Another important bit of information I gained knowledge in by MBD, was in regards to arguing. Instead of our arguments ending in hurt & pain, we should aim at edifying the other. We should walk out of an argument feeling better rather than torn down. The Marriage by Design conference has changed my marriage for the better. No, it’s not perfect, nothing is, but as long as my husband and I constantly strive to use what we learn in the Bible, and was taught in these sessions, I believe our marriage will succeed & be God honoring.


From Vinnitsa Ukraine 2015

I wanted to write and tell you thank you so much one more time! Every day I get more and more people telling me how thankful they were for the conference and how much it has already impacted their marriage. One lady, Zhanna, told me that this conference has changed her life! Her husband is not saved but he came with her to the conference and together they’ve decided there are things they need to change and their communication has gotten drastically better already.

Another lady, Natasha, told me with tears in her eyes that she now knows why she hasn’t gotten married yet. God wanted her to wait until after she heard this information so she would understand what a marriage and family should look like. She is not a Christian but seems so close to salvation.

For our people, it is completely new information and we are already seeing people changed because of it. There are so many stories and these are only 2 so we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Just want to say thanks that you have been in Ukraine and serve God here. I have not been on your conference but My teenagers were there. I asked them what was new and important for them. I was happy to hear their answers. They not only listened but also some of them change a mind about relationships. That really touched my heart. So thanks for your obedience and faithfulness to God in your life and ministry.