South Africa

In 2005, Mike DeGuzman led a team from Community Bible Church in Beaufort, SC to the Eastern Cape of South Africa, working alongside missionaries Ronnie and Janet Vehorn, who have been serving there for more than 20 years.

With each trip, the ministry in South Africa grows and our role in the villages takes on new dimensions. The ultimate goal of all we do in South Africa is to glorify God by sharing His redemptive plan of salvation with those who are lost, as well as nurturing believers, both young and old, in the faith.

Bible Camps:

Since June and July are winter months in South Africa, that means school is in session and we must structure much of what we do around the students’ schedule. Each afternoon we lead a camp for children and teens, which consists of Bible lessons, games, sports, and dance circles. Depending on which village we are in, there could be anywhere from 200 to 600 children who attend, which means that every member of the team plays a vital role!

Youth Ministry:

During the course of the afternoon while the younger children are participating in a Bible lesson or game, the youth participate in a sports activity and discussion group. For boys, the sport of choice is soccer and for the girls, netball. Following these matches, a team member shares the gospel and their personal testimony of how Christ has impacted their life. This leads to discussions on various matters relevant to what many of these young men and women are facing.


With AIDS and HIV having such a huge impact on so many children and teens in South Africa, seminars are held in both the public schools and local churches educating students, teachers, parents, and grandparents on the facts about AIDS and HIV and how it can be prevented as we follow God’s way rather than Man’s.

Training and Discipleship:

The great need for theological education is widespread throughout all of Africa, and it has been the request of many local pastors and church leaders to have training and instruction that will better equip them to minister to their congregations and communities.