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Among the Faithful

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Sherry with Aunt Cleo (97), Aunt Gay (95) and Aunt Fay (91) Having a reputation for godliness and faithfulness seems to be more and more of a rarity in our day. Young people in our churches are leaving the faith of their parents in droves. Even those who are considered faithful ... Continue


2 Blown Tires, 1 Spare, in the Middle of Nowhere

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2 Blown Tires, 1 Spare, in the Middle of Nowhere Let me set up the scene like this… I had been teaching from 8 to 4 each day and every evening and was ready for a much-needed break. Rick and I had been looking forward to a day off and a ... Continue


Committed to the Church

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Being committed to Christ means you are committed to His bride. I know that statement can come across offensive in a day when our most popular sayings among those who would call themselves Christians is, “You don’t have to go to church in order to be a Christian.” Or, the ... Continue


Dealing With Sin Biblically

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The hardest part of my job is hearing how people in our congregation are suffering. At any given moment there can be: People with long-term illnesses People in pain People with rebellious kids Spouses who want little or nothing to do with Jesus Those who can’t find a job Those who can’t pay a bill Marriages that ... Continue


Faithfully Sow

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I always enjoy those times when I’m reading my bible in a familiar passage and come across something so mind boggling and so obvious that I wonder how I missed it before. This happened earlier in the week as I was reading Luke 24. Jesus had risen from death and presented ... Continue


Slavery in the Bible

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Does the Bible Condone Slavery? A number of years ago I attended a debate at a college between a Christian professor and an Atheist professor. The debate had a bunch of different subjects and the Christian professor held his ground really well until the issue of slavery came up. There were ... Continue


Broken Legs and a Good God

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Yesterday morning I read an article about a 17-year old high school football player from the Tampa area with a lower leg injury he sustained on Friday night and ended up having to have his lower leg amputated on Sunday. This was especially disturbing to read as I sat in ... Continue


Mental Health

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How sad it was for me to hear of Robin Williams’ death last week. Anytime I saw him, I was always amazed as to how quick witted he was. I realize some of the standup routines I watched in my younger days are probably not the best for my sanctification ... Continue


Kids In Church

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A few years ago I heard a pastor apologize to his church and ask forgiveness for having children's church and separating the family during the most important time of the week. As you read New Testament letters, you see children being addressed in these letters. Since these letters were to be ... Continue


Discovering God’s Will

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What is God's Will? I’ve often heard the question, “What is God’s will for my life?” Actually, I’ve asked that question often. I asked that question when leaving the military, joining on staff with Campus Crusade, and being a part of the staff of two churches. How do I know if ... Continue